Wood Burning Fireplaces and Stoves

Wood Burning Units Need Annual Inspections

Wood burning fireplaces include traditional fireplaces, open fireboxes, inserts and freestanding units. All of these units have either an enclosed flue system or a draw-based system. It is recommended that all wood burning fireplaces be inspected and cleaned on a yearly basis. There are many conditions that effect the normal operation of these units. For example, weather, animals, type of fuel and day to day maintenance.

 Elements of Word Burning Units That Need Inspections

What do we look for while performing our inspections and cleanings? We look for flue connections, water and air leaks, gaskets and seals, brick and mortar work, proper functioning dampers, condition of firebox or burn areas, caps, spark arresters,and spark screens and doors. In our process we clean every surface to remove any remnants produced by the burning of solid fuels.

Inspections Include:


  1. Height
  2. Chimney Cap / Spark Arrestor
  3. Crown / Wash
  4. Brickwork / Mortar
  5. Flashing
  6. Flue Liner
  7. Moisture Resistance


  1. Smoke Chamber
  2. Damper
  3. Firebox / Grate
  4. Ash Container
  5. Spark Screen / Doors
  6. Tools / Gloves
  7. Hearth Protection

Woodstove or Fireplace Insert

  1. Stovepipe Condition (woodstove)
  2. NFPA Approved Flue Connection
  3. Installation / Thimble / Clearances

Other Safety Considerations

  1. Fire Ext. / Smoke Detectors / CO Alarms
  2. Gas / Oil Furnace Flue Liner
  3. Fire Escape Plan