Pellet Stoves

Pellet Stoves Need Annual Inspections

It is recommended that pellet stoves of all makes and models be cleaned on a yearly basis. There are several conditions that effect the operation of these units. Things we check for while cleaning and inspecting pellet stoves are caps , flues on chimneys, gaskets, seals, operation of fans and motors, condition of burn guards , wiring , and burn area.

 Regular Pellet Stove Maintenance Required

Pellet stoves necessitate frequent cleaning of burn area to mitigate excessive buildup. We will show you the best methods for keeping your pellet stove in proper operating condition.

Inspections Include:

  1. Exhaust Termination / Cap
  2. Crown / Brickwork
  3. Flashing / Storm Collar
  4. Connectors / Fittings
  5. Proper Sizing
  6. Clearances
  7. Motor Gaskets
  8. Door Gaskets
  9. Electrical Connections
  10. Outlet Wiring
  11. Burn Pot / Grate
  12. Combustion Air Supply
  13. Tee Sections / Cleanouts
  14. Flame Pattern
  15. Hopper Fines
  16. Exhaust System