Gas Fireplaces

Have your Gas Fireplace Inspected Yearly

Gas fireplaces require inspections on a yearly basis. While natural gas/propane fireplaces are easier to operate and require less maintenance, there are many circumstances that can effect the operation of these units.

Gas Fireplace Elements Needing Inspection

The things we look for while inspecting and cleaning are proper placement of faux logs, dust buildup, wiring, gaskets, seals, gas line connections, flues/ chimneys/ cap, and circulation fans.

Inspections Include:

  1. Cap/Screen
  2. Termination
  3. Flashing/Storm Collar
  4. Chase Cover
  5. Proper Sizing
  6. Liner Integrity
  7. Thermopile Condition
  8. Piezzo Ignition
  9. Pilot Height
  10. Millivolt Production
  11. Blower Motor
  12. Gas Leaks
  13. Gaskets / Glass
  14. Thermostat Condition
  15. Re-light Stove
  16. Proper Draft