1. What will you do to clean the chimney?

We will remove and clean caps, run brushes the entire length to remove built up deposits. Visually inspect connections and condition of chimney.

2. Why should I have my chimney cleaned every year?

There are many things that are outside of your day to day control. These include weather, animals leaves, soot/creosote build up, and overall operating condition.

3. Can you repair any issues that present themselves?

Yes, we are a full service company. We clean, replace and install parts, and maintain overall condition of your unit.

4. Are you licensed & insured?

Yes, we maintain all licenses for required governmental agencies. We are insured and all our employees are Washoe County Certified inspectors.

5. Will the cleaning leave a mess behind?

SWEEP EASY chimney sweep takes every precaution necessary to mitigate any possible soiling of your household during the cleaning process.